Why should we switch to e-scripts and e-referrals?

We all have a responsibility to do our part.

Healthcare is major contributor to Australia’s carbon footprint. We should take every step we can to minimise the impact on our environment.

Environmental impact.

One of the major carbon minimising steps we can take is to reduce paper by stopping the printing of scripts and referrals. You will save paper, toner, printers and cost. Not to mention time spent fixing broken printers, reprinting lost referrals and dealing with stressed doctors.

Never a lose a paper script again

Convenience and security.

It’s so much more convenient and secure for patients to have an electronic referral that can’t be lost.

Bending over for the printer all day takes its toll.

Workflow and ergonomics.

Think how happy your doctors and nurses will be not having to reach over to the printer at every session.

What is medmate?

Medmate is a secure app developed by Australian GPs and pharmacists to help patients manage e-scripts and e-referrals directly from their mobile phone.
For clinics, medmate:
• Makes telehealth easier
• Improves health outcomes through better adherence
• Increases clinic efficiency – less paper and printing costs!
• Improves consultation demand
• Increases clinic loyalty
• Pathology e-referrals coming soon.
It’s free for clinics and for patients.

How does it work?

1. The patient asks the doctor to send the e-script by email or SMS using Best Practice.
2. An e-script token is sent to the patient’s phone.
3. Medmate helps the patient find local pharmacies in the area for e-scripts processing at the best value.
4. The patient decides which pharmacy to use for express pickup or delivery.

1. The patient asks the doctor for an e-referral using Best Practice.
2. An e-referral is sent to the patient’s phone.
3. Medmate helps the patient find local pathology collection centres and book an appointment.

How to prepare for Electronic Prescriptions

• Ensure your practice has a Healthcare Provider Identifier – Organisation (HPI-O) and is connected to the HI service. This is a core requirement for electronic prescribing. Information about how to register your organisation for a HPI-O is available here.
• Ensure your practice is connected to a Prescription Delivery Service. ERx or medisecure.
• Update to the correct version of Best Practice.
• Update your patients’ and their carers’ contact details on file (mobile phone number/email).
• Book a time with medmate to setup your clinic for e-scripts and e-referrals
• Let your patients know about the green e-script an e-referral service with medmate

How do we get our patients started with e-scripts?

• Send an educational email to your patients about e-scripts and medmate (draft attached). Healthsite can do this with your clinics consent.
• Healthsite will prompt patients to use e-referrals with each booking confirmation.
• Doctors can encourage patients to use medmate to reduce the clinics environmental footprint.