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Medmate | Telehealth consultations and e-prescribing made easy

Supporting telehealth appointments and electronic prescribing

Medmate helps your clinic provide a seamless patient journey from electronic prescription to pharmacy home delivery.
It offers easy electronic prescribing for you, plus a simple, safe and reliable way for patients to get their medications.
As well as telehealth consultations, Medmate is ideal for your patients who are immune compromised, living in regional areas, or simply too busy to visit their local pharmacy regularly.
With medication reminders and an automatic prescription refill service, Medmate helps to improve medication adherence and therefore your patients’ health outcomes.
Enhance your patient relationships – and your clinic’s efficiency and productivity – with Medmate.

Why choose Medmate for electronic prescribing?

The benefits of Medmate for medical clinics and prescribers

Electronic scripts and home medicine delivery

Support your telehealth service (and face-to-face consults) with e-scripts coupled with home medication delivery from the patient’s pharmacy of choice.


Easily arrange pathology and radiology e-referrals with Australia’s leading providers.

A paperless clinic, now

Medmate supports medical clinics to move towards completely paperless consultations. It’s the future of practice and what patients expect.

Reduce your carbon footprint, increase patient demand and improve patient loyalty.
Medmate helps you say goodbye to printing scripts, replacing toner cartridges and fixing broken printers.

Medication management

Support your patients with a fully integrated medication list linked to consumer medicine information.

Free appointment bookings

Re-book GP appointments for free through the Medmate app.

Business intelligence and business coaching

Deeply understand your consumer base, clinic performance and how to pivot your healthcare business to thrive in the new normal.

Integration with practice software

Medmate integrates with booking engines and practice management software.

Support better practice and patient outcomes

Medmate is available for easy download to iPhone and Android

Medmate has already partnered with 1,070 clinics for electronic prescription rollout.

Are you ready for the future of electronic prescribing?
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