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Why choose Medmate for your chemist delivery?

Medmate gives you online convenience with local pharmacy care.
Here’s why so many Australians are choosing Medmate for managing their prescriptions.

Online ordering
Free chemist delivery
Manage meds for your family
Get e-referrals for services like pathology and radiology
Manage your meds simply from script to home delivery

No lost paper prescriptions
No more waiting in pharmacy queues
No more long drives to the chemist
Automatic script refills before you run out of meds
Your meds delivered direct to your door

Compare prices online
View deals and discounts
Order from your pharmacy of choice

Safety and privacy
No need to visit the pharmacy
Discreet plain packaging
Clean, more hygienic process

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How to use Medmate for online medication orders and chemist delivery

Medmate provides a simple pathway for getting the medicines you need – from the GP visit to the chemist delivery.
Here’s some examples of how you could use Medmate.

Meet Deb
At 38, Deb juggles parenting two school-aged children with a part-time job. Most days, she falls into bed exhausted after working, running her kids to dance and soccer practice, preparing dinner and helping with homework.

Deb was diagnosed with endometriosis 11 years ago and continues to experience irregular periods, and sometimes pain – especially if she forgets to take her medications. About four years ago, Deb was also diagnosed with anxiety.

Deb‘s closest doctor and pharmacy are a 30-minute drive away. Because she finds it hard to fit a drive to town into her busy schedule, especially when she’s tired, Deb sometimes doesn’t bother refilling her scripts when they run out. However, when her pain gets too bad, Deb forces herself to make the trip.

Recently, Deb was surfing the internet when she came across Medmate. She discovered that her GP could give her an electronic script to use at her pharmacy of choice. All she needs to do is place an online order and her chemist delivers straight to her door. Even better, Deb can shop around for great deals on regular pharmacy items, like paracetamol for the kids. She can even manage all her family’s medications in one convenient place.

Now, with telehealth consultations and Medmate, Deb can stay on top of her health issues without the stress or inconvenience of travelling to town. And because her prescriptions are automatically refilled, her endo symptoms are much better managed, too.

Meet Jack
Being diagnosed with anxiety and depression at age 25, Jack understands what it’s like to struggle with your mental health. Now 31, he was doing well on medication until COVID-19 meant Jack lost his hospitality job.

Jack spiralled into deeper depression. He started finding it hard to get out of bed each day and get something to eat, let alone drive into town where everyone knows him from the local café.

Jack knows he needs to make the 30-minute trip to fill his scripts, but doesn’t want anyone to see him in his current state. Apart from his doctor, few people know about his mental health issues – and he wants to keep it that way.

It was Jack’s GP who told him about Medmate. His doctor started offering telehealth visits during lockdown and discovered that Medmate was the perfect partner for prescribing medications.

All Jack had to do was download an app and fill in some simple details. Now, his regular meds are delivered from the chemist in plain packaging direct to his home. He can order other things he needs from the chemist, too, like his nasal spray.

Medmate has given Jack reassurance that he can easily get his needed medications while maintaining his privacy.

Meet Chintan
After spending eight years building up his small accounting business, 46-year-old Chintan is always busy. He spends most days in front of a computer, drinks coffee to keep himself going, and has a few beers to unwind at home most nights.

Chintan has been diagnosed with high cholesterol and high blood pressure, but the condition that bothers him most is reflux. If he forgets to take his meds, the burning can be almost unbearable.

His doctor tells him he needs to lose weight and cut back the coffee and alcohol, but it’s just too hard. Even getting to the doctor and chemist is a major hassle to fit in around everything else. Besides, he’s usually too tired to bother.

The last time he ran out of reflux meds and made an emergency dash to the chemist, the pharmacist told Chintan about Medmate. He explained that Chintan could simply download the app, order online and have his meds delivered.

It sounded too good to be true, but Chintan found it was that easy. He can get all his medications in one place, without the hassle of driving to the chemist. And because Chintan lives in a large regional centre, he can shop around different pharmacies for the best prices and special deals. As an accountant, he loved that as much as not having to bother with chemist visits!

Meet Christina
Up until 12 months ago, Christina was always pretty healthy. Then, at age 51, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. That set her on a course of treatment including radiotherapy and chemo.

Christina lives in a rural area, which makes treatment even more challenging. Between rounds of radiotherapy, she usually feels exhausted and sickly. Christina has taken some time off from her work as a teacher in the small district school. Her husband is a fly-in-fly-out worker and is away from home two weeks at a time.

Some days Christina’s energy levels are ok, but on others it’s all she can do to put on a washing load and cook a light meal. She certainly doesn’t feel up to the one-hour drive into town by herself.

Because she’s taking multiple medications, Christina wondered how she would manage all the trips to the doctor and pharmacy when her husband wasn’t around to support her.

It was a friend she met through oncology appointments who first mentioned Medmate. Christina discovered her friend also came from a rural area, and used Medmate to get all her medications delivered. She also used Medmate to get her pathology and radiology referrals.

Christina’s GP was very supportive and offered telehealth appointments combined with Medmate for electronic prescriptions and referrals. Now Christina feels confident that she can manage her medications even when her husband is away.

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