About Us

Medmate telehealth and pharmacy delivery


Our mission is to connect every person, everywhere, to the healthcare that they need.

We recognize the difficulties people face when seeking medical assistance. Finding help when you need it can be challenging.

This inspired us to create the Medmate virtual care service.

Our virtual care service is essential in maintaining Australians’ health, complementing the ongoing care from your in-person GP. It empowers you to take charge.

Founder and Medical Director, Dr. Ganesh Naidoo talks about his passion for helping people with Medmate.

Our Commitment to Care and Clinical Governance

At Medmate, we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of clinical governance. Our commitment ensures that all healthcare services provided through our platform are safe, effective, and patient-centered. We adhere to stringent regulatory requirements, continuously monitor and evaluate our clinical practices, and promote a culture of transparency and continuous improvement.

By prioritizing patient safety, clinical excellence, and ethical practices, we strive to deliver the highest quality of care and maintain the trust of our patients and partners.

Developed in consultation with GPs, pharmacists and consumers, Medmate is a conformant digital platform for electronic prescribing registered with the Australian Digital Health Agency. The service is staffed by registered doctors comprised of GPs and emergency department doctors operating everyday until 11pm. Medmate has cared for over 200,000 Australians in 3000 postcodes.

Medmate Corporate Head Office is located in Melbourne, Victoria.