Empowering Your Health Through Partnerships

A Collaborative Approach to Providing Accessible and Affordable Care Throughout Australia.

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Our Partners


Healthylife offers a wide range of health products, supplements, and wellness advice. Their partnership with Medmate ensures Australians have convenient access to these quality healthcare products and personalised health guidance, supporting overall well-being nationwide. They are committed to promoting healthier lifestyles through expert advice and a comprehensive selection of wellness products.

Independent Pharmacies of Australia (IPA)

The Independent Pharmacies of Australia is a network of community-focused pharmacies dedicated to personalised healthcare. By collaborating with Medmate, they extend their reach, offering patients convenient online access to medications and expert advice, ensuring a higher standard of individual care. IPA emphasises local, individualised service and aims to strengthen the role of independent pharmacies in the community.


Amcal is a prominent national pharmacy brand committed to health and well-being. Through its partnership with Medmate, Amcal enhances prescription fulfilment services and provides expert health advice online, making healthcare more accessible and convenient for Australians. Known for their extensive pharmacy services and support programs, Amcal helps manage various health conditions effectively.

Discount Drug Stores (DDS)

Discount Drug Stores provide affordable medications and health products. Partnering with Medmate, they offer cost-effective healthcare solutions online, complemented by expert medical advice and a seamless prescription service, making healthcare more affordable and accessible. DDS focuses on delivering value without compromising on quality, ensuring patients receive excellent care.

I-MED Radiology Network

The I-MED Radiology Network is Australia's largest medical imaging provider, offering comprehensive radiology services. Medmate's partnership with I-MED streamlines the booking process for diagnostic imaging, ensuring patients receive timely and high-quality radiology services nationwide. I-MED is recognised for its cutting-edge technology and skilled radiologists, providing accurate and reliable diagnostic results.

Healius Pathology

Healius Pathology, a leading name in diagnostic testing, collaborates with Medmate to offer easy access to pathology services. This partnership facilitates seamless booking and quick access to test results, empowering patients to manage their health effectively with reliable diagnostic information. Healius Pathology is renowned for its extensive network of collection centres and commitment to innovation in pathology.

Jelly Health

Jelly Health provides online psychological services tailored to individual needs. By partnering with Medmate, Jelly Health offers a comprehensive suite of digital health services, including mental health support, available Australia-wide, ensuring accessible and personalised care for all patients. They focus on providing compassionate care and innovative solutions to improve mental well-being.

Partnership Benefits

  • Expanded Network

    Access a network of healthcare practitioners and national healthcare service capability.

  • Seamless Care

    Connect to convenient access to medication supply, expert advice, and streamlined healthcare services.

  • Personalised Health

    Tailored support and solutions to address your unique needs.

  • Reliable Diagnostics

    Access national diagnostic imaging and pathology services.

  • Affordable Healthcare

    Access cost-effective health services without compromising on quality.

  • Mental Health Support

    Link to convenient and confidential online mental health services tailored to your client needs.

Join our network of trusted providers and expand your reach, streamline care, and empower patients across Australia.

Partner with Medmate