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  • Get an instant online store for your pharmacy.
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    Sign up to Medmate and add your pharmacy details and location.

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    Set up your online store and customise your prescription medication pricing.

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    Receive orders instantly and prepare them for delivery or in-store pickup.

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Why Sell With Medmate?

Stand out in your local marketplace

Medmate offers pharmacy brands differentiation through marketplace features and exposure to new healthcare consumers looking for convenience, value and great service.

Position yourself as the best retail pharmacy

Healthcare consumers are increasingly digitally aware and looking for a great experience. Drive trust and loyalty with convenient, helpful services like 24-hour online ordering/payment and home medication delivery.

New marketing opportunities

Medmate provides direct-to-consumer digital marketing opportunities and a dynamic e-commerce platform.

Expand your customer base

Going online allows you to increase your catchment beyond typical boundaries through representation across multiple postcodes.

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Why Sell With Medmate?

Our mission is to streamline the way patients, pharmacists, and doctors connect. To create an experience that is more in line with the on demand lifestyle of today.

Medmate makes managing your health and the health of others easier. From doctor consult bookings, to prescription fulfilment, to managing your complete medical history, Medmate is an app you won’t want to live without.

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Medmate helped us take our pharmacy into the modern world

Daniel Mendoza
Pharmacist and Owner
Prahran Midnight Pharmacy, Melbourne


Hear from pharmacists just like you.

Medmate has provided new channels through which I can engage with my existing customers as well as attracting new customers. As my pharmacy is listed in multiple postcodes on the Medmate app I have been able to extend the pharmacy’s catchment well beyond our typical bricks and mortar boundaries. Medmate keeps working for us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Wael Hanna
Pharmacist and Owner
Wholelife Pharmacy & Healthfoods, Victoria
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