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erectile dysfunction
Erectile Dysfunction Treatment – A Quick Guide

Erectile dysfunction is a very common problem, potentially prevalent in up to 60% of men.Perhaps up to 20% of men aged 60-65 years have some form of erectile dysfunction. So…

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nicotine vaping prescription australia
Nicotine Prescriptions Australia and Nicotine Vaping Products

Vaping is another term for an e-cigarette. The vape is a battery powered device that contains a liquid. Vaping liquids can contain nicotine for use as nicotine replacement as part…

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Sore throat causes and treatments
Sore Throat : A Complete Guide About Causes and Treatments

A sore throat is a very common symptom experienced by most people intermittently throughout their lives. It affects all age groups and has some very common, self limiting causes as…

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how to use panadol safely
Learn How To Use Panadol Safely

What is Panadol? Read on to learn about this common drug from chances of overdosing to how to safely use this household drug. Table of Contents What is Panadol? Is…

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Quit smoking what you need to know
Quit Smoking Essentials – Medications, Nicotine Replacement and Vaping Products

Considering quitting smoking? Below we cover all you need to know from medications, nicotine replacement and if vaping is a better alternative. Read on to find out. Table of Contents…

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What is Gastro And How Can We Manage It?

What is gastro? What are the symptoms and what causes it? Read on for everything you should know about gastro and how to treat it. Table of Contents What is…

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How Much Vitamin C Do You Need Daily?

What is Vitamin C? How can it benefit you? Learn all you need to know about Vitamin C and why you should be adding it to your daily diet. Table…

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magnesium supplement
What Does Magnesium Do And Is It Good For You?

Is Magnesium good for you? What foods are rich with Magnesium? Here’s everything you need to know on the importance of magnesium, its health benefits, related supplements and other common…

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coffee and caffeine
Understanding The Pro’s And Con’s Of Caffeine

What is caffeine? Is it good or bad for you? Find out all there is to know about caffeine and the effect it has on your body. Table of Contents…

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how to prepare for flu season
How To Prepare For Flu Season

What are the common symptoms of flu? What medicine can you take to ease these symptoms? Find out everything about the flu from symptoms, medication to vaccinations you can get….

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