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Increase pharmacy profit with exceptional customer care and enhanced efficiency.

Medmate is Australia’s first pharmacy prescription app connecting patients, doctors and pharmacies.

By supporting a patient’s full medication journey from GP booking to chemist delivery, Medmate helps your retail pharmacy provide a superior customer experience.

Unlike other online pharmacies, Medmate isn’t a shop and does not compete for your customers. Rather, it helps you provide the best retail pharmacy customer service, thereby enhancing customer loyalty and expanding your reach.

It also increases business efficiency and productivity, reduces your footprint and facilitates better staff utilisation.

These add up to a more profitable business for you, along with a greater experience for your customers.

Why sell with Medmate?

Take your pharmacy’s services online with Medmate.

Medmate brings pharmacies and patients together to make medication management more convenient for everyone.

It’s free to start receiving online orders today.

The benefits of Medmate for pharmacies

Stand out in your local marketplace

Medmate offers pharmacy brands differentiation through marketplace features and exposure to new healthcare consumers looking for convenience, value and great service.

Position yourself as the best retail pharmacy

Healthcare consumers are increasingly digitally aware and looking for a great experience. Drive trust and loyalty with convenient, helpful services like 24-hour online ordering/payment and home medication delivery.

New marketing opportunities

Medmate provides direct-to-consumer digital marketing opportunities and a dynamic e-commerce platform.

Expand your customer base

Going online allows you to increase your catchment beyond typical boundaries through representation across multiple postcodes.

Provide exceptional customer service

Medmate helps you improve patient retention and loyalty and reduce leakage and brand erosion by adding control and certainty.

Increase revenue and patient outcomes

With inbuilt medication reminders and automatic prescription refills, Medmate supports increased revenue and clinical outcomes by reducing unintentional medication non-adherence.

Improved workflow

Improve your margins through more efficient workflows and staff utilisation.

Move towards paperless prescriptions

Reduce your carbon footprint, increase patient demand and improve patient loyalty with paperless scripts.

Using a pharmacy prescription app helps your patients say goodbye to lost scripts, confusion over expiry dates and failure to fill repeats.

Support your pharmacy business and enhanced patient outcomes

Medmate is available for easy download on iPhone and Android

Start receiving online orders for free today.

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